Mikael Buxton

Actor, English/French, 5'11" / 154 lbs

About me

Born and raised in France from a french mother and an english father, I'm fluent in both languages. I have a strong passion for movies and tv series since I was a child, and so, for acting. As my father, who is a musician and a singer, I've been immersed in the "world of music" with an Eurodance band during the 90's, as author and singer.

During 2000's, I founded several magazines on internet and started to make videos. For several years, I take part in many short films and web series as an actor, and now, I'm working on international productions as features films, where I get lead roles in french and english.

Last films


Olympe Compagnie


Web-serie | Support role




Short film | Support role



Michael Penn

Web-serie | Support role


The prey, the dead, and the vultures

Ben Wright

Feature film | Lead role


and much more in my resume below 😉

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  • 00 33 664 282 235
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